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We have to talk about liberating minds as well as liberating society  – Angela Davis

Mission Statement

The UTSA debate team fosters a community of students to impart valuable skills such as how to conduct, synthesize and apply empirical research, effectively communicate one’s ideas and perspectives, work as a team, resolve conflict, and to empower our students to use their voices not only in their professional and school careers but also to advocate for themselves and their communities.

Vision Statement:
We strive to create a space where students flourish using their voices, critical thinking skills, research, and advocacy skills to produce a community that fosters relationships between the debate team and other students on campus, high school students, and the broader San Antonio community. Through vigorous exchanges of perspectives centered on joy and creativity, we dedicate ourselves to making debate an accessible novice student-centered activity anyone can enjoy.

Critical thinking
Skills acquisition
Novice Debate


What debaters say

Iliana Carrillo

Iliana Carrillo


I have learned so much during my time on the debate team. I have been able to work on my argumentation skills and have been given the opportunity to research topics that are important to me. I believe that debate has prepared me for a future in law, research and public speaking.

China Goodson

China Goodson


My time with the UTSA Debate Team was truly life-changing. Not only did it sharpen my critical thinking and public speaking abilities, but it also had a profound impact on my personal growth. Through the support of coaches Jalisa Jackson and Alonso Pena, I was able to push myself beyond my limits and develop into a better version of myself. Their unwavering dedication and encouragement created a nurturing environment where I felt empowered to take on challenges. Being part of the team was nothing short of amazing, and although it was challenging, the journey was undoubtedly worth it. The team not only helped me build my confidence, but it also shaped my character, as it instilled in me important qualities such as critical thinking, effective communication, and the ability to analyze and articulate complex ideas.

Detren Wilson

Detren Wilson


Debate at UTSA has been so amazing! My teammates and coaches always have what’s best in mind for me and I appreciate that so much. The time I spent here has not only help me become a better debater but as well as help me build up my confidence.

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