Armando Alanis Flores and Geoffrey Okolo (better known as the AO Show) and Charlie Weathersby and Sarah Woeppel (aka the dubs) wrapped up CEDA Nationals going 4-4 and missing on points. While we would have loved to debate in elims, those numbers alone can’t speak to how much work and heart these four debaters bring to the table.

In particular, shout-out to Armando who finished his career at CEDA last weekend. Armando joined the team in 2015, but odd numbers meant he didn’t have a steady partner. Several times that year, his partner would drop out of the tournament at the last minute. But Armando never complained. He would come along to watch rounds, ask if he could debate maverick, and always stayed cheerful.

2016 was his true novice year. Armando showed so much leadership as the squad grew. He was always working, always reading. He’d ask me about a theorist and then reveal he’d already watched like 3 youtube videos about them. He’s always willing to explain new concepts to the younger debaters, ask questions, and tackle new concepts.

The transition into the open division was rough, but Armando always kept his head up and treated each debate like a chance to learn something. I can’t say how glad I am to have gotten to work with him, and how certain I am that he will go on to do great things. #meepmeep #yourereadykid

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